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as Max Bialystock in THE PRODUCERS


“McAssey is wonderful throughout the evening without a misstep or a Nathan Lane impression to bolster him. Then he hands us a surprise: the man can really sing. He leaves us wishing for more, an enviable trait for an actor.” 




“McAssey has a rich voice…and delivers a convincing portrayal of the exhausted, money-driven womanizing producer. His second act solo, "Betrayed," gets a tour de force delivery. It is a winning performance.”

-Gil Benbrook, TALKIN’ BROADWAY 










as Edna Turnblad in HAIRSPRAY


“Edna must be so good you'd go just to see her. And Surflight has one: MICHAEL McASSEY, "a simple housewife of indeterminate girth." a dash of Bert Lahr, a blinding swoop of orange hair, and a double-take that could wreck a train."

-John Timpane, Philadelphia Inquirer


“McAssey projects such tenderness that you laugh with him, not at him. “Hairspray” came mighty close to being perfect, so much so I wondered if the audience would ever stop clapping.”

-Rick Mellerup, LBI Sand Paper






as Man #1 in Sondheim’s PUTTING IT TOGETHER


“McAssey lends visual and vocal power to "Rich and Happy”, "Country House" and "Sorry-Grateful" which was one of the finest moments in this show. As Man #1 he offers a powerful actor’s force to the proceedings”


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